Dr Ivana Moudry provides specialised health care for new mums during the weeks and months following childbirth, which is an important time for both mother and baby. When a mother is healthy and relaxed her baby also benefits, and bonding is enhanced.


Physical recovery and mental rest as well as a nourishing diet is crucial to the health and wellbeing of both. Chinese Medicine and acupuncture techniques can promote postnatal recovery and support the new mother during this period of adjustment.


We offer a range of postnatal treatments to support new mums which include acupuncture, herbal therapy, individualised nutrition and lifestyle counselling.


Ideally, weekly acupuncture treatments should begin two weeks after giving birth and continue for three weeks to promote stamina and recovery. Incision and scar healing treatments are most effective when commenced as soon after labour as possible.


The Centre for Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture provides natural, effective treatments for a number of postpartum conditions including:


• General recovery

• Perineal healing

• Postpartum pain

• Caesarean recovery

• Scar tissue repair

• Fatigue

• Anxiety

• Postnatal depression

• Insufficient lactation

• Mastitis

• Night sweats

• Urinary incontinence


Postnatal Care


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