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A space for your health and wellbeing.


At the Centre for Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture, we have created a space that offers you a place to feel safe, nurtured and supported throughout your journey to optimal health. Whether it be for emotional wellbeing, fertility care, IVF support, pregnancy support, labour preparation, postnatal care, women’s health or general health.


We believe in the integration of eastern and western medicine for a truly comprehensive approach to health. Our Centre also offers a number of in-house services and a caring, positive atmosphere that will leave you feeling revitalised and relaxed.


We continually keep up with the latest scientific research, while providing an important link between eastern and western philosophies of medicine. We receive ongoing referrals from GP’s, specialists, IVF clinics, midwives, and keep a close working relationship with these professionals.


Since its inception in Port Macquarie in 2006, the Centre for Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture has established itself as a unique and complete wellness centre for Women’s Health, Pregnancy and Fertility support.


It is this passion and dedication to health and wellbeing that makes us a unique place to visit.




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Dr. Ivana Moudry

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